Technology Management and Project Success

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  •  Internet and Intranet development (since 1994)
  •  Health insurance and medical industry
  •  Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software
  •  Mortgage origination Internet marketing solutions
  •  Non-profit web and social media strategies
  •  Small business technical and marketing consultation
  •  Software and Knowledge Reuse
  •  Training and development strategies
  •  Help Desk and technical support systems

My mission is to develop and lead effective teams through project engagements
that meet sponsor and stakeholder expectations while realizing their projected
business value.

I was first introduced to the principles of project management while serving as a
web development manager for a Fortune 100 company ($40 billion annual
revenue, 160,000 employees, etc.).

  • Masters degree in Communication
  • Master degree in Education
  • 20+ years in Information Technology

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