Technology Management and Project Success

  •  Internet and Intranet services
  •  Health insurance industry
  •  Medical care-delivery software
  •  Mortgage origination Internet marketing solutions
  •  Non-profit organizations web and technology strategy
  •  Small business technical and marketing consultation
  •  Software and Knowledge Reuse
  •  Staff training and development
  •  Help Desk and technical support systems

My mission is to develop and lead effective teams through project engagements
that meet sponsor and stakeholder expectations while realizing their projected
business value.

I was first introduced to the principles of project management while serving as a
web development manager for a Fortune 100 company ($40 billion annual
revenue, 160,000 employees, etc.). With graduate degrees in communication and
education, the field of project management provides the perfect environment for me
to build bridges between technical teams and executive leadership.

I consider new projects on an ad hoc basis. I regularly network with other project
managers, so when I am not available, I can help you locate high-integrity
professionals for your consideration.

View my profile on LinkedIn for more information about my past assignments and
professional endorsements.
About Me
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