Technology Project Management

Don't Let Your Projects Fail!
According to most research, some 40% to 60% of all technology projects end in
failure. That is, they exceed their budget, exceed the time line, and/or fail to meet
the quality expectations of the stake holders. In order for a project to succeed, there
must be a clear understanding of the expectations and priorities of all stake
holders so that a win-win-win outcome can be reached. That is, we want the
project to succeed, the sponsor to benefit, and the company to profit.

It is critical that all stake holders understand and approve the plans and processes
proposed to achieve the project objectives, including the ROI of the business case.
At the same time, a well-managed project adapts to the ever-changing
environment of business by helping you to understand the risks of change.  Good
project management ensures that you have neither too many project management
controls nor too few.
More than 20 years of experience delivering technology
solutions to business:
Scrum process development and training as a Scrum Master, Product
Owner, and Scaled Agile Framework release manager
Web-based, customer-facing applications that  automate core business
processes and deliver dynamic, transactional, and
marketing/communication content
A customized, web-based clinical documentation system for the largest
medical group in North America
Custom web-reporting solutions that integrate  with disparate legacy
Enterprise implementation of vendor supported systems
An insurance product-building tool to expedite the underwriting process
Compliance with Sarbannes-Oxley, HCFA, HIPAA, CMS, and corporate
governance standards
Market-specific advice and counsel to ensure technology delivers rather
than impedes productivity
Getting I.T. Right
Project management success includes building decision-making teams
with the right mix of skills and experience. Successful project management
cuts across traditional business boundaries to empower your most valuable
commodity, your human resources, to achieve their greatest potential. In the
process, you can achieve your business goals while your staff experience new
and fulfilling activities on the job.
Getting I.T. Done
There are proven project management tools and principles to manage risk and
ensure success. No one can guarantee you that your project will not have
problems. What a good project manager can guarantee you, however, is that
when problems occur, you will be provided options for moving through
barriers to the desired end state.
Bryan D. Merrill, scrum master
Recent Engagements

Reliable and Complete Big Data Ingestions
Data warehouse feeds must be consistently complete and highly reliable in order
to meet the business expectations for informatics, data science, and business
intelligence. I worked with an ingestion team as scrum master to help them
standardize the development life cycle to consistently meet business and
operations expectations for operational readiness. In addition, the team began
designing and deploying Data Vault models for a more consistent and business-
friendly data consumption framework.

Reliable SharePoint Infrastructure
When you have critical business operations and maintenance activities
documented for hundreds of people in a single location, it becomes critically
important that the environment be reliable, fault tolerant, extensible to
unpredictable growth, and recoverable in a disaster scenario.

I have spent the past two years as a Scrum Master specifying, designing, and
implementing these infrastructure improvements for a critical government agency.
In the process, I helped to deliver SharePoint solutions and custom workflows to
meet the demands of a regional enterprise.