Service and Flexibility are Key

Professional project management services ensure that your priorities drive the
completion of the work. All projects have a starting point and end point. In between,
the difference between success and failure lies in understanding the total cost of
the effort (time and money), the value of completion (scope and quality), and
managing the risks and issues from start to finish.

Technology integration is not the answer to every business problem. But in a
competitive environment, it is critical to recognize when technology can assist in
delivering higher quality results, lower operating expenses, and save time.
Whether you integrate a vendor product or custom build a solution, in the end what
matters is whether you realize the return on your investment.
Practical management of technology projects requires a wide range of skills
and experiences that I bring to your organization:
Strategic Planning and Alignment with Core Business Values
Business Analysis and Business Case Development
Technology Analysis, Selection, and Integration with existing systems
Software development best practices
End-to-End Built-in Quality
Operations Integration
Professional training and staff development
Technical support
Solution trials and full implementations
Metrics to support business case realization
I have led successful projects in start ups, owner/operator franchises, and
companies with billions in annual revenue by following time-tested, project
management principles and the values of truth, respect, and integrity.

Contact me today to see how I can help increase the quality of your next
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