What Others are Saying...
“As a Business System Owner for HR Recruitment systems with 1.5 million user
records, 5,000+ job postings, I have worked with Bryan for 8+ years and found him
to be one of the best Project Managers I’ve worked with. We worked together on
the Careers Web site creation and on-going support. The Web site is a 24/365
environment involving multiple vendors, providing the 165,000 employees with
exclusive access to Internal job postings. Bryan was the Project Manager for the
(Employee Log-In Validation) Web page. He was knowledgeable, resourceful, and
provided leadership in design, on-going support & issue resolution process. He
was always available (even after hours/Weekends etc) on the few occasions when
there was an issue with the Log-in Authentication Web page. His knowledge and
understanding of the product and the process were central to the development
and long term success of the product.”
2009, J.E., Business System Analyst
“Bryan and I worked together on a organizational transformation initiative, and his
work was outstanding. He is organized, analytical, and has excellent
communication skills.”
2008, R.W., Executive Director, Strategic Programs
“Bryan has very well rounded skills that suit him well as a project manager. He
has an amazing command of the English language. His expertise in creating easy
to read web pages helped us market better. Bryan is a team player and takes
pride in producing high quality work.”
2009, W.H.M., CEO
“Bryan is dedicated individual who is more than willing to offer assistance
whenever and wherever he can be of service. He is bright and energetic, and has
the proven ability to drive a project to completion. I have known Bryan for 2.5 years
and have relied upon him on numerous occasions. I would highly recommend
him to anyone who needs a dependable project manager.”
2009, J.R., Director of eBusiness Product Quality
“While the word “professional” describes Bryan in every connotation, the most
evident aspect of his acumen, from my perspective, is that of the lifelong learner.
Bryan requires only his own initiative to continually develop his skills, knowledge
and abilities to increase his value to organization. Additionally, Bryan commits
himself to organizational objectives while supporting his peers in doing the same.
Bryan presents these characteristics to his organization with humility and, at the
same time, confidence in his ability to get the job done. I give my strongest
endorsement to Brian Merrill as I see him as a substantial asset to any
2009, C.E., Executive Vice President